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Settlement fund


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Oct 12, 2018
I would like to seek clarification for the settlement fund for SINP.
I recently got ITA in SINP, and I have some doubt in my settlement fund.
I am planning to submit two accounts as my settlement fund to reach the desired amount. We’re a couple without a child, so, we only need at least 16,000 CAD. We have a 10,000 CAD savings that is untouch in a time deposit. But the remaining 6000 CAD is in my account where I received my salary. It was clearly stated that the money should be maintained atleast 3 months. However, my 6000 CAD salary that I want to show as a proof had even reach 0 balance in the first month of proof but regularly received the 6000 CAD in every 2 week of the month. Thus maintaning the amount to arrived every month. So, what are the chances to be denied because of this situation?

Appreciate any response to this inquiry. Thanks


May 5, 2019
Hi i have one question regarding sinp settlement fund. According to the official website it says ,

"To determine whether Settlement funds are sufficient,the account must show when the account was at its lowest amount,it met the settlement requirements for the size of the household."

What does it mean?? Because my account went to zero balance also. Does it really matters?? Any expert can advise ?? Please