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Settle in Canada

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Chris_Ibarra, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. Hello Sir/Madam,
    I am new in this forum.
    a.I am legally married in the Philippines.The relationship turned sour because of her involvement with a third party.I will not file any legal separation and or annullment of my marriage in the Phils.
    b.I am presently working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
    c.I have a new girlfriend who is a Canadian Citizen.
    d. The plan is,
    d1.I will visit her in Canada as a tourist
    d2.My girlfriend will marry me in Canada.
    d3.I will go back again in UAE to process my resignation and settle my length of service with my employer.
    d4.Upon returning to UAE, my girlfrend will process my final petition(i dont know if this is the correct term).
    Question:What are papers/documents required from my side in order for me to go back to Canada and finally join my girlfriend(wife).
  2. So you are assuming you will be married to a Canadian citizen. The process is called 'outland spousal sponsorship' and it is you and your Canadian wife that would have to apply and fill out all the forms etc. Start reading here and follow the links to obtain your package of forms and checklist etc.

  3. Getting a TRV is likely to be quite difficult. Given that you are still married you can’t get remarried without getting divorced somewhere. You can apply for a conjugal application.
  4. Marrying your Canadian girlfriend without legally ending your first marriage would be bigamy. That is illegal and the marriage will not be recognized by IRCC. If you have a TRV, you will have to come to Canada to live with her for one year to become common-law. She can then sponsor you. If you are not approved for a TRV, you can look at applying as conjugal.
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