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Service Canada Timings at the time of Landing

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by rpk_sngh, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Hi

    After reading across the forum, I have realized that it is advisable to complete all the immigration formalities at the airport itself when you land. A question popped up in my mind that do we need to land only during weekdays, or are the immigration counters open on weekends as well? Also, do they have specific working hours at the airport?
  2. There are 2 things.
    1. Immigration & Customs
    2. Service Canada

    Immigration and customs will be open 24/7 and your landing procedure will complete in the airport itself.
    Service canada is the place where we get the SIN number. It works only weekdays. So, if you plan to land over a weekend, you can find service canada on a weekday and get your SIN number. It is not mandatory to get the SIN in airport. i applied 1 week after landing.

  3. Thanks for your answer.
    Can you also clarify about Health & PR Card?
    Are they applied on Service Canada counters or at Immigration's?

    As of now my plans are of landing on the last weekend of March.I wanted to see if there is any need for me to modify my plans according to the requirements.
  4. Hi

    1. There is only a Service Canada office at Toronto Int'l, no other airport.
    2. Health Card is provincial, depending on the province, there is a waiting period and you apply on line in most provinces.
    3. The PR card is processed by CBSA during your "landing" it will be mailed to an address in Canada that you supply .(About 63 days to process)
  5. All in all, one can conclude that there wont be any challenge if we land on a weekend?
  6. Do you know until what time service canada opens in the Toronto Pearson?
    Landing next week at 6pm.
  7. There are numerous locations to get your SIN card in the city. Would imagine they are open during standard business hours. You still have to clear immigration so unlikely they will be open. It is really not a big deal.
  8. is there anyone know the working time of Service Canada in the Airport if know please write down to make sure it is open because i have alot to do when i get out of airport please tell ?
  9. Wouldn't pick a flight based on whether the service Canada office is open. It isn't a big deal if you have to visit one of many offices in each city. You'll have to visit other government offices to register for other things.
  10. He asked what are the timings of Service Canada at Toronto Airport, nit whether he should get SIN at airport or nit
  11. Probably only open Monday to Friday normal business hours only 9/5 or 9/6
  12. But I also second the opinion stated above, dont plan your flight bookings based on that. A lot is made out of the ability to get SIN at airport itself but in reality, getting SIN is the smallest of your worries and easily done at any of the service canada locations. There are many conveniently located by transit.

    Having said that, airport service canada timings are 9-5 for Mon-Fri and 9-2 for Sat. You would need to be through your PR formality before you can head to ServiceCanda counter for your SIN and they usually start closing 15 mins beforehand.

    Again, remember you only need SIN before you start working (not needed for bank account or anything else). So you really need it before you take up an employment offer.
  13. Thanks for the info. We are landing On July 27th (Saturday) at 8:45AM in Toronto. So based on your message above we should be done with the Immigration and Custom formalities by 10AM and can get our SIN Numbers in the airport kiosk itself as the Service Canada kisok is open till 2PM on Saturday. Am I correct in this assumption ? I ask again because there is absolutely no mention of the timings of the Service Canada Airport Kiosk anywhere online.
  14. Unless you are flying in on the Saturday and out on the Sunday does it really matter that much other than convenience of getting everything done. Service Canada locations are easy enough to find during the week and as the poster said focus on the more important things as you do not a SIN until start work. As for landing at 0845 and clearing a landing by 10am not necessarily impossible but add an hour to the plan assuming may be busy. Your flight is booked so what will be will be one way or other. Good luck
  15. Agree. It is really not a big deal if you can’t do your SIN in the airport. Lots of other offices you can go the next week.

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