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September 2018 - Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by HLR, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone, great to be back in this forum again!

    App sent: Sept 5
    App received: Sept 7
    Location: Etobicoke, ON
    App type: Single
    Physical presence: 1105 days

    BTW, where is this spreadsheet?
  2. App sent: Sept 7
    App received:
    Location: Toronto
    App type: Single
    Physical presence: 1520 days

    Please add me to the Tracking as manu.m_1

    My husband and I are applying separately, because I need to figure of the Photo ID process for my son and I will apply with him.
  3. Hello everyone,

    I will send in my application next week. Just got my Police Clearance Certificate translated. Noticed most of the people here have 1500+ days. Is that the norm? Mine is 1243.
  4. Well in our case we lost a bit of time when there was a transition between the old and new eligibility criteria. As along as you are over the number of dates they need you will be fine
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  5. Please add me
    Application sent on:September 7th
    Location: Etobicoke
    Application type: single
    Physical presence: 1250
  6. Hi Everyone
    I am going to submit my application soon. Just waiting for police clearance to arrive.
    I have Omrah Visa (For Saudi Arab), which is in English and Arabic but some parts are only Arabic for example - Dates.
    I am already including copy of itinerary and entry/exit stamps with the application.
    My question is do I need translation of this visa and include it in application package?
    Does anyone know or had same experience??

  7. You don't need all visa copies. Just the bio pages. They will contact border services to check your entries and exits. Most important is to make sure your entry and exits in the physical presence caluclator match with that on your passport.
  8. I have 1222 and just seen someone add to Sept applicants that has 1250. The "when to apply" is such a variable thing...everyone's circumstances are different. I think we are completely normal :)
  9. @iceberge September applicants are here :)...
  10. I had exact 1095 days the day I sent my application . I landed in Canada as a PR, traveled a few times to the states in the last 3 years ( I had kept a track of my enter and exit ). I think as long as your days are accurate and your physical calendar says you are eligible, I think you are good.

    Good luck, hope everyone gets their application processed quickly. Also one think I've noticed is August had a big drop in citizenship applications compared to previous months ( May not be accurate as not everyone is in the spread sheet). Given that next year is election year there is a chance they might speed up the process.

    From the last year's data, this years processing speed and drop in applications for August,I feel Sept applicants might start getting AOR starting Oct 15th.

    Cheers :)

  11. Generally, I think you are under 1095 days since they do not count the day you send the application( N-1);. They say that the application should be sent the next day of the eligibility.
  12. I differ with that (n-1) concept and I tell you why. I was eligible on September 05 and I sent my application on September 05 and my application dated was also September 05 ( I mean the date and sign ). If I had to leave Canada on September 05, I would not lose that day because, I'm already in Canada ( This is how it works on the physical presence day because, I crossed the border and returned the same day and my days lost were 0).
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    I got off the call with CIC like 10 mins ago, I was told, you can send the application the same day you are eligible.

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