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Sept Vistor Visa thru VFS Jalandhar

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Manni Singh, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. Applied 28 Aug 2018. Vistor
  2. Applied on 4th Sep. to VFS
    New Delhi
    Date of recived mentioned 4th Sep. on application.
    Review of eligibility is in process.
  3. When you eligibility review started?
  4. Date not mentioned , i guess when i linked my application online on 6th Sep.
  5. Hi just wondering how come they process so quick. Some of us waiting from July and August. Thx
  6. Can’t say a word about their working style .
  7. I guess you have previous CAN / US travel history... may be picked up in CAN+ category... else it's pure luck to start review eligibility in 2 days...
  8. yes i have been to US in 2013 on B1/B2 . its valid till 2023.
  9. there you go... CAN+ processing... you will receive results soon...
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  10. Hale tak sade July aalya da nhi aya...
  11. Hello everyone ,
    I would like to let you Know that My Visa have approved .
    Many thanks for guidence and help.
    spacilaly Brayanna.
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  12. When you applied and when its approved?
    Have you in done paper ?
  13. I applied on 4th sep
    Link my file on 6th
    Got approved on 11th sep.
    New Delhi
    Paper application
  14. Congrats mate
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  15. Same bhai ji 30 July applied on delhi vfs

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