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Sep application india

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Simranzira, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Anyone who applied in September from india??
  2. Hiii
    My sister applied on sept 13th from Chandigarh. Nothing yet. How about you? When and from where?
  3. Applied on 6 September from jal vfs same day forward to delhi.
  4. I applied on 11th september from Delhi...still waiting.
  5. And what about your travel dates??
  6. It was on 18th october...already cancelled my tickets and hotel booking.
  7. Hi guys!!
    My sister’s passport has been dispatched today... let’s wait for the result
  8. Link your application to gckey
  9. Did she get the visa?
  10. Don’t know yet as it’s weekend and she will receive passport on Monday may be
  11. You can link your application online and there you can check the status
  12. Yeah I know but we couldn’t do it for some reason.....
  13. I applied 4th of September it's a trv reopen case.
  14. What is your current status??
    How you know it's reopen case??
  15. My visa refused 26th July. They we asked for reconsideration.then they have reopen the case 4th of September still waiting for the response.

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