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Sep application, Délhi v/0

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by SINGH26, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Any body got decision from Delhi who applied in September?
  2. Anyone from chandigarh visa office applied on sept 13th???
  3. Applied on 8th sep to Délhi v/o through jalandhar vfs, no updates till now
  4. Applied on 10 Sept, still waiting......
  5. Hi there
    Where did you apply from nd where is ur file being processed?
  6. Applied from Amritsar,Punjab and File is being processed at NDVO. (My Mother is the applicant and she is going to Canada to attend my brother's convocation (17 Oct). Bit worried now....)
  7. Hiiii
    Sad to hear about ur refusal. What is the reason and what was ur purpose?
  8. Travel history
    Family ties in canada & India
    Personal assets & financial status

    Purpose was to meet my brother who is on study permit.

    I have a valid Usa visa
  9. Timeline for TRV application applied in September, 2018 via Jalandhar VFS

    Application received- 6 September 2018
    Eligibility Review Started- 15 October 2018
    Final Decision- Refusal
    Received correspondence on 16 October 2018 regarding refusal.

    Wish you all Good luck who got their TRV's approved or waiting for the result.
  10. Applied on 10 Sep ,still waiting...
  11. I hope you will see some decision next week. Good Luck.
  12. Reason of refusal??
  13. Reason for refusal is Travel history,
    Family ties in Canada & India,
    Personal assets & financial status etc.
    All necessary documents were attached but somehow got the refusal.
  14. What was your purpose of visit?? Applied single or with family?? What is your source of income??

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