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Sep 2018 timeline Délhi visa office paper based


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Sep 8, 2014
Bryanna thanx for replying, can I request for can+by web form now.

I applied with my mother , she is not having USA visa so that’s why vfs did not consider it for can+
CAN+ means expedited processing and fewer financial documents. In most CAN+ processing cases, decisions are given with a week.

As processing has crossed the CAN+ estimates in your case, it won't help to request for it now


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Jul 25, 2015
Hi Bryanna and seniors... I got refusal for visit visa on 27/07/18. I am single male from India.My reason for applying was that i have Approval letter from ITA(Industrial training authority) from BC. I booked an exam and supposed to appear in that. I have 16k cad in my savings account from last 4months. I want to book my exam again. I would be very greateful to have your thought on it. What u feel should i wait or is it ok to book again....I seriously appreciate your valueable words...plz ask me if u want to know any other info....