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seniors please help (MBAISP) Brock University


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Jun 28, 2016
Dear All,

I am applying for MBA ISP in brock university as my last study permit was rejected with the reason of "applying same level course of study" as i applied for 2 years business finance diploma in Sheridan .
personally i wanted to go for diploma first and after PR wanted to do MBA (cost cutting you know)
Now i have no choice so applied for MBA ISP which is the only option matching with my previous studies. ( 2 years BCOM, 2 years BBA , 1 year MBA) plus 3 and half year SCB PAK karachi experience as a full time employee.
one thing which is in my mind is that MBA ISP students of brock unibersity usually go back to their home countires after completing their program, my main concern is canadian immigration for my family.and brock has confirmed taht they issue Goodman school MBA degree to MBA ISP students .

my main question is that after MBA ISP from brock university will i be elegible to apply for canadian immigration in masters program under opnp and get PR as i read that in ontario after masters one can easily apply for pr and get it also with out even job

if any one who previously have done masters from brock and have done immigation so please help me and confirm as this program will cost me aroung 60000 cad . i just need to score more in reading and will get admission as per my program advisor ..

please help me as i want to start my journey from UAE to canada now for the betterment for my kids and restsrt my career again .
thanks all
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