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Senior in this thread please help who r in Canada


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Jun 28, 2016
hi if I apply as a child caregiver , can I take my 3 children with me I m Uae based . Will I be eligible to apply PR if I do two year child care job in Canada . I read over cic.ac that 30 hours in a week should be necessary . It means 6 hours a day can I get employer easily ? . can I choose province as per my convenience? Is there any need to show proof that we can handle children?.k don’t have any job like that .. my situation is I have three children out of which last one was delay in speech and had some Behaviour and sensory issues I have studied books and have been doing his therapies in UAE and from my home country for two years I have also done three courses which are online from university of newbunsbik unb , done 40 hours RBT training and soon will register for BCBA RBT test..also done ABA foundation course .. my motive is proper way of immigration actually..Can I buy property on temporary work permit ? Can my children attend public school for academics ?