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Seneca sept 2019

Discussion in 'International Students' started by PRANAV_92, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. Everyone who all are going for seneca this september share your timeline.
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  2. Applied on 1st November 2018
    Received Offer of Admission on 28th November 2018
    Application submitted to VFS Chandigarh- 13th March 2019 (Wednesday)
    Application received at IRCC New Delhi- 14th March 2019 (Thursday)(informed through sms and email by VFS)
    Biometrics Letter stating its validity sent by IRCC through email- 22nd March 2019 (Friday) at 8:41 AM (UCI and Appication number were also written in this letter)
    Linked my application with CIC account using UCI and Application number- 22nd March at 10:00 AM
    Status Updated to Approved in CIC account- 25th March 2019 (Monday) (checked it around 2:00 PM)
    Received email and sms from VFS regarding decision envelope dispatch on 25th March 2019 (Monday) at 2:55 PM
    Correspondence letter (Approval Letter) received on 26th March 2019 (Tuesday) at 12:38 PM
    Passport with visa stamp received inside envelope on 26th March 2019 (Tuesday) at 1:30 PM
    Visa Issue date is 22nd March 2019
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  3. Thansks for sharing
    i will applying for visa within a week.
    which course u applied for and which campus?
  4. Congratulations :) make your dreams true
  5. All the best!
    NPM and Newnham Campus
  6. Thanks ☺️
  7. Mine too is newnham campus.
  8. That’s great!
    Wishing you all the best and let me know when you get your visa application approved.
  9. go
    got approval.
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  10. Congratulations!!
    All the best for your future endeavours.
  11. Hi, Pranav. Congratulattions for thee good news. I received offer letter from seneca for supply chain management - global logistics. I am little bit worried about visa processing. I completed my masters in 2013 and since then working in supply chain field. could you inform me about your profile and have you submit your visa through agent or by yourself?
  12. i applied through agent.
    you should apply with all the necessary documents supporting you application and you studies gap.
    prepare a strong sop explaining everything like why r u going for this course and that too y in canada only, your expenditures source and your connect back to your home country.

    all the best for your application.
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  13. thanks for your reply. is there any obligation to maintain the fund at least for two months in bank before applying visa? please also share your email ID. my email ID is kazishovon@gmail.com

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