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Selling stocks (ESPP) before moving to Canada


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Aug 2, 2017
I had some company stocks that I sold before coming to Canada (received dividends too). My CPA did basic calculations to adjust my foreign income and interest/dividends for the days I was a resident in Canada for tax purposes and reported the same on the tax return. He however did not include anything for the gain I received from stocks. Note that the stocks were sold when I was a resident in the states. I did pay tax for the gain on my US returns. I am noticing some sloppy mistakes by my CPA and its quite frustrating. However, I was not sure if the gain has to be reported if stocks were sold prior to coming to Canada.


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May 10, 2020
If you sold the stock before you moved to Canada, you don't need to report the sale (or gains) to Canada.
For any securities you have when you move to Canada, you need to note the value of each security (and convert to Canadian $ in your accounting) on the date you officially moved to Canada. Those will be your new cost bases when you sell and need to report capital gains (or losses) to Canada.