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Self Employed Inquiry - best place to live in Canada and why?

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by itsmeParis, Apr 11, 2018.

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    Hello for Self employed I understand based from what I've read you do not need to work as a self employed rather you can start working in any profession. My question is, it is actually just a random question, if you were to choose which province you would like to first moved in? and, why? As we are thinking of listing on our application, we choose Ontario. Do you guys think this is realistic for a newcomer?
  2. Depends on your ability as a family. All provinces are realistic as long as you do your research and preparation well. You just need to come prepared.
  3. Depends on lifestyle you want to have if you like the big city's and fast pace then Look at Toronto or Edmonton Vancouver.
    If you want slower pace look at the Maritimes, new brusnwick, nova scotia, pei.
    Do your research and you will be fine, Canada is awesome no matter where you are at.

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