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Self-Employed Application 2020


Jun 5, 2021
Spotted this message on the 2019 stream of applicants. This is the most hopeful news I've read -- seems like they are moving again?

Hi guys, we receive our COPR today. Updated timeline below

18th Sep 2019 Sent application Fedex courier from India to Canada
20th Sep 2019 Application received at Sydney Canada
25th Oct 2019 AOR and biometrics letter received
5th Nov 2019 Biometrics completed
20th Nov 2020 - Phone interview
20th Nov 2020 Medical request
21st Nov 2020 Prearrival service letter
27th Nov 2020 Medicals passed

29th June 2022 Re-medical request
5th July 2022 Completed medicals
15th July 2022 Passed medicals
22nd July 2022 Decision made on ECAS portal
25th July 2022 Passport request
8th Aug 2022 Application approved
10th Aug 2022 Passports and COPR received

For all those still waiting, hang in there and stay positive. They are processing faster now
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Jan 17, 2022
Hello everybody,
Hope you all doin great
Can anyone advise me please
My Canadian Federal Self-Employed application was submitted on january 15, 2021, I didnt attached my Business Plan because there was not a related box in check list .
but now I heard that the Business Plan is the most important thing for Self-Employed category and its absence may be a reason for the application to be refused.
(It should be noted that I did not use a lawyer during the preparing and filling etc.)
So, I want to know if can I send it via a courier service to attaching to my application?
What should I do at this stage,?
Tnx a lot.
Did u get ur permanent AoR.. if yes, plz share ur timeline. Thanks


Jan 17, 2022
Hi, I received a temporary file number for my self-employment (athlete) file on August 24, 2020. To date (about 18 months) nothing has happened. Is it normal for this part to last so long and Is the review process, which is 37 months, part of this time that has passed ? Also, what happens after this stage?
Thank you in advance

Did u get ur permanent AoR. If yes, please share ur timeline. Thanks


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Oct 30, 2020
Did u get ur permanent AoR.. if yes, plz share ur timeline. Thanks
No need. If its needed or required you provide it, the visa officer will notify you. No need to get worked up. Business plan is not in the check list. No worries.