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Seeking asylum as a Transman in Canada

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by S Parvez, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. I am 35 years old Transman from Bangladesh born in a muslim family. I am transitioning from female to male. in this country I am facing a lot of religious, social & domestic abuses and my life is in constant danger. I am always terrified that I will be killed by Islamic Extremists. I want to get out of this country and start a safe life in Canada. please help me. I am almost mentally broken, there is no one to support me, help me, I have no friends. I cannot survive in this hostile environment. I am working in a place where I always conceal my birth identity and work in my male identity. I got this little job to support me financially, the management is kind to me, but I get very little because of my gender identity. I am facing constant threats in my own house from my younger brother that he will expose me to the police and notify the extremists so that they can drag me out and sexually abuse me and kill me. No one will accuse them for killing and raping someone like me. Trans men and Trans women never gets sympathy or security, we have no rights. I can't live like this in fear and shame. Please I need urgent help & advice.
  2. The only real but difficult option is to get a tourist visa to Canada and claim asylum once in the airport. You will need to prove you have strong ties to Bangladesh and enough money to fund your trip to Canada to have a chance at being approved for one.

    The next is to move to another country and register to UNHCR as a refugee and HOPE to get resettled to Canada. This may never happen as spots are limited.
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  3. Thank you for your kind response, may I ask what kind of strong ties do I have to prove / Like property etc ? and approx. how much do I need to go to Canada (May be thats a silly question, but I am not feeling very clever these days under the circumstances). Please be so kind to answer. How about the Canadian unitarian universalist association ? They do help LGBT people don't they ?
  4. Yes - you would need to show ties such as property, employment and other assets. Ideally you would want to show a bank balance of at least $10,000. Also, ideally you have previous travel to other countries requiring visas such as the US and UK.

    No association in Canada can help you at this time. There is no direct sponsorship for refugees from their home country. As said above, you must either make it to Canada on an approved TRV and claim asylum here. Or you must move to a different country and be recognized as a refugee by UNHCR. These are your only two options.

    Good luck.

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