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Sep 29, 2020
Hello all, I find myself in a potentially sticky situation, and so seeking your advice on how best to fill the OINP "Other Activities" section (i.e., the Personal History section.)

I was undertaking a 2-year full-time Masters studies outside India in 2017-19. However, due to a serious family problem (involving the ill health of a loved one), I had to take a break for a 2-month period (during the 1st year of my college). This was done with the permission of the school's Dean and Academic Committee (I have email approval). I could do this because I rearranged my academic credits in such a way that I returned and completed those pending credits in the 2nd year of my studies. Now, technically I fulfilled all the credit requirements of the program and I graduated in 2019. But, my 2-month break was not recorded in the university's records as a "break", since I just chose to not register for any courses for that period. And, anyways I completed all my graduating credit requirements within the duration of the 2 years (no extra time taken).

How do I explain this in my "Other Activities" section, as I have to show my travel history for these 2 months, while technically I was on a full-time study. PLEASE HELP!!
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