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Discussion in 'International Students' started by sumanth-97, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. I have got medical update yesterday when can I expect ppr ?
  2. When did you apply bro..? After how many days your biometrics were updated after giving biometrics at VAC? Can you share your timeline? Even I have applied sds online on 3rd Aug, biometrics done on 12th Aug at Bangalore VAC, no updates after that.
  3. I have applied on 27 July
    Biometrics done and updated on 30 July
    And yesterday Aug 14 I passed the medical exam
  4. Then you will get passport request in a week may be. But tell me one thing.. your biometrics were updated on your GC Key account on the same day you gave biometrics??!
  5. Yes on the same day by evening..
  6. Super speed !! Which VAC bro n where r u from?

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