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Saudi Arabia based Applicant

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Scanner, Apr 13, 2011.

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  2. Hi,

    Can someone tell me if I need to submit PCC for the last 10 years or since age 18?
  3. Depends, if you are 28 years then present PCC from age of 18. If you have been 30 years then you can present from age of 20.
  4. Hello dear members, need your
    Valuable advice please.

    I have applied for PR under spouse sponsorship. I am from Pakistan but
    Currently working in saudi arabia. I submitted my police clearance certificate obtained from Pakistan with
    my application. My biometric done, medical done. Now my question is should I wait for instruction letter from
    Cic for police clearance certificate from saudi Arabia or is there any other means to get it in advance?

    Thanks for your valuable advice in advance.
  5. Same query from my side.
  6. To obtain the PCC you need to request to embassy of Canada Riyadh for the pCC request letter they will take your name address and send you via Aramex after that once you receive this letter you have to go to the police station main branch of your city and show them with your ITA they will take your fingers prints n give you the PCC
  7. Can you please explain what is ITA, secondary don't I need to go to MOFA?

    Thank you so much for your help.
  8. Hello,

    Anyone tell me how long time is required to VFS Riyadh once we submit the docs for PR visa?

    Thank you
  9. Can somebody share their timeline for PR process from Saudi Arabia?
  10. Dear Experienced Member,
    I am living in Al Khobar. I received medical request letter from CIC. I need information about suitable medical panel in dammam or Riyadh. I heard Dar Al Afia in dammam is very expensive and not e-medical enable and not give our copy of medical result for us. Any body have experience from Dammam and Riyadh. ( I have to do medical of my all family member (total 5). That's why i try to check best suitability and economically best.

    Kindly help me if some body have experienced for dammam and Riyadh medical center.
  11. Dear Brother,

    I am living in Al Khobar. What is cost of medical if children above 5 years. (Self+ spouse +3 childs). What you suggest. I read your post now in august 2019. Nowadays what is price of medical because your post was on 2016.
    Please reply we your help.

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