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Saskatchewan first day health coverage for PR?

Discussion in 'Health' started by jordo, Jan 21, 2018.

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    Just a quick question: Can anyone confirm that new PRs landing in Saskatchewan get a health card and coverage on day 1? Thanks. The language on the Sask Health website is a bit ambiguous.


    Special Classes of Newcomers
    If you are moving to Saskatchewan from outside of Canada, you may be eligible for Saskatchewan health coverage on, or before, the first day of the third month after arriving in Canada, if you are among one of the groups:

    • Permanent residents (landed immigrants)
    • People discharged from the Canadian Forces
    • Non-immigrants who are in Canada in connection with their trade or profession
    • International students
    • Returning spouses of Canadian Forces members
    • Returning Canadian citizens
  2. Ok, I am able to answer my own question here. I called Sask Health and was told the following:

    PR can apply for health card on Day 1 but won't receive card or Health Services Number on Day 1.
    Card processing times are 3-4 weeks and in this time would need to pay out of pocket.

    However, PR is entitled to health coverage on day 1 and would be reimbursed for any out of pocket expenses for health services once health card is obtained as the PR's landing date would be entered into the system when they applied for the health card.

    Note: this only applies to PRs who move permanently (hard landing). This does not apply to those who become a PR and return to home country right away (soft landing). Also, if you use any SK health services, you must reside in the province for 6 months before moving away or you could be asked to reimburse the province for your health services costs.

    To apply:
    1. PR cannot apply for SK health care prior to landing (duh)
    2. PR requires proof of SK residency (SK driver's licence, utility bill etc)
    3. PR requires COPR and passport.
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  3. Hi jorda,

    Are you sure medical expenses out of pocket will be reimbursed by Saskatchewan government ??
  4. Are you planning on using medical services the day you arrive? Most don't need services right away especially since you can bring a 90 day supply of medication with you so you have time to wait for the card.
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  5. Thanks for your response!

    Yes Iam carrying medicines with me for more than 90 days but in case of hospitalization? then?
  6. You will be covered as long as you meet the residency requirement to receive healthcare in that province (see Saskathchewan provincial healthcare websites). That will likely mean staying at least 6 months in Saskatchewan but maybe more. You are so worried about potential hospitalization soon after arrival. Has your health changed since doing your medical? You have to notify CIC if that is the case.
  7. With the god grace iam perfectly alright and I am talking about sudden mergency or accident. And I am worried because iam moving with family.
  8. Hi

    Need Advise & Information !!

    I have a situation as myself , my wife and my 11 years old daughter are PR's of Canada ( SINP Nomination ) since 30th Sep'2017. We landed in Sep'17 and after staying in Canada till 3rd Nov '17 came back to India.

    Now we are planning to return to Canada in December'19 and settle in Saskatchewan..I would like to know if health benefits / services will be available from the day we settle in Saskatchewan.

    What options do we have if we have to get coverage from day 1 as my wife is pregnant and delivery date will be end of March'20 ..as no travel insurance covers pregnancy..Please advise is any medical insurance in Canada covers pregnancy.

    Thanks !!

  9. Yes you will have coverage if you are settling in Saskatchewan longterm and will meet the residency requirements to qualify for healthcare coverage in that province. Essentially you can not relocate right after giving birth because you wish to move to Ontario or other Province. The province is aware that pregnant women land in provinces where they will receive healthcare on landing and will be monitoring in order to make sure you meet the residency requirements for healthcare. The basic idea is that If the province pays for your pregnancy and delivery costs they expect you to live in the province and become a taxpayer there. If you relocate too soon you can be asked to repay all the healthcare you received.
  10. Thank you so much for your response!!

    At the cost of repetition we are PR's of Canada ( SINP Nomination ) since 30th Sep'2017. We landed in Sep'2017 and after staying in Canada till 3rd Nov '2017 came back to India.Now we are planning to return to Canada in December'19 and settle in Saskatchewan.Please kindly advise / clarify on the below points -:

    1) Will the health benefits / services will be available from the day we land in Saskatchewan in December'19 ?
    2) What are the residency requirements to qualify for healthcare coverage in Saskatchewan ?
    3) What will be the procedure for availing health benefits just after landing in Saskatchewan in December'2019 ?

    Thanks !!
  11. Yes you should be able to get coverage when landing if Saskatchewan determines your family is actually settling in the province. That is up to their healthcare office to decide this. You will have to look up residency requirements and application online. Healthcare is funded by taxpayers so Provinces need people actually paying into their provincial tax system by working and buying things in that province. Provinces are especially sensitive to women arriving to give birth because they will get healthcare right away and then relocating.
  12. Thank you so much for ur clarification !!

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