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Same Sex Partner Sponsor.

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by crossiwre, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. I met my partner last September 2018 here in toronto. I live here in the city. He is from Mexico and was here on a visit. I went down in dec and spend month there travelling and staying with him for the holidays. I would like to look at options in getting him back here permanently and wondering my options. Marriage is option 2, option 1 would be sponsorship? what would I need. He can still come again on a visit. Not sure how often and when he can after he was just here for 3 months last year. Can he come in Feb or March again? He would stay with me here and then go back. But trying to figure this out. My first time.
  2. In order to sponsor him you would either need to be married or have lived together as a common-law couple for at least 12 months continuously. If you think you would want to go the sponsorship route in the future (either married or common-law) start saving proof of visits like airline boarding passes, receipts etc. to make things easier when putting together your relationship evidence for the application! It will definitely save you time in the long run to start documenting this kind of thing now.
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  3. Yes I opened a bank account there with him too so make sure and deposited cash. I have copies of travel expenses i have paid too.
    To live together is going to be tricky.
  4. Keep in mind that since you just met in September, if you were to marry in the next couple of months and apply, your application would face a lot of scrutiny due to the possibility of it being a marriage of convenience.

    I'd suggest either going common law (he can be in Canada for 6 months and then extend the visitor status for another 6 months) or being in a relationship for a longer time (with more visits) before marrying and applying.

    If you go the common law route, keep in mind you will need to prove cohabitation for 12 months through things like joint utilities, lease agreements, bank statements, etc - so make sure you have those things from the start of your cohabitation period.

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