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Reviews for Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg

Discussion in 'Education' started by vhptanh@97, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. Hi,

    I need some reviews about Canadian Mennonite University. This uni is on the cic list, but it seems like not many people know about it, compared to the UoManitoba and the UoWinnipeg.

    Are the school's programs qualified for PGWP?
    This is a private school, but its tuition is cheaper than other schools which makes me question. In terms of programs, educational atmosphere, faculty, jobs, etc. is this school good for international students?

    Thanks much!
  2. Yes. It is a private institution that offer affordable Christian post-secondary education to students from outside Canada. However, most international students may have a second thought when it comes to religion differences or practice or tolerant in the school. In addition, there graduate programs are mostly in theology. These and many factors might be responsible.
  3. Would personally stick to a better known school and would probably go with a secular school unless your employment plans revolved around religion. I was born in Canada and had never heard of this school. Employers are more likely to hire from universities or colleges their are familiar with.

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