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Review required

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Nvnsuri, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. Hey I am Naveen. I need some guidance from you guys. I read your conversation probably your the right guys to guide me. My case below:

    My AOR was on feb 7th its almost 215days. I applied 2 times GCMS notes i got the same reason review required for A11.2 MI. Which R10 was ok. But agent didn't calculated my cec points.

    Acutal points i got 446 but under review Points gained 406. They didn't caculated my cec exeperince which i have 8months on one noc and rest on second noc but my full time work is in same company with different noc codes.

    Any suggestion and comments. Please let me know. Do you want me to write a letter ofexplanation to cic ? Please let me know
  2. Hi Naveen,

    You can definitely compose an explanation letter and pass your concerns to your officer in charge, together with a copy of your GCMS notes, highlighting the issues. Explain sincerely and thoroughly! These things happen, they did a miscalculation on my application and I sent them a letter and they corrected it.

    Just make sure you keep a copy of your letter, and keep a record. Remember they are just humans, mistakes happen. I understand the frustration but these things happen. Just update them on it. Don't worry much, it's all good.

    All the best mate,
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  3. Hey Reza,

    Thanks for your time.

    while comes to activity
    Activity 143
    sub activity - CEC
    New value - MET

    Activity 144:

    sub activity: candidates assessment
    field name: status
    new value calculation in progress
    office: centralized intake office

    Act 145:
    New value: calculate

    Act 146:
    New value: not started

    and rest is my notes..

    Summary :

    A11.2 Review Required R87.1: CEC min Requirements - Review Required RPRF: complete......CRS score at 446 points minimum score for round 442 crs core at application APR: 446/verified crs sore 406 I have reviewed the following for crs points : PA gained points as single ITA and APR PA gained points for 1-year foreign work experience, education and etc... CEC work 8 months of 1 year(s)-Review Required.

    That's my short notes summary.

  4. hey Reza,

    Please let me know the process. Do you want me to submit an IRCC web form? please help me out.
  5. Don't stress much, just use the online form, explain what is wrong, upload your documents and that's it.
    Remember to have your Full details including your Client ID number at the header of the letter.

    Other than that I'm sure you can write it yourself. Just take your time and compose an explanation letter with supporting documents. That's all! Just like you are commenting here.

    All the best mate,
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  6. Thanks for the reply, Before writing you want me to attach the GCMS notes? it's about 254pages. Did you do the same thing attaching GCMS notes for your LOE.? please let me know. Thanks Reza
  7. Hi there did you get a reply from cic after using web form . I have a similar issue
  8. I have same issue as well with my application. It has been 8 months and 2 weeks on my application but no communication from IRCC.

    Hello Suri please respond with your case details if you can
  9. Yes, I got it I added my wife for the ongoing process. She also got her pr.
  10. Did you apply for GCMS notes ??? Do you know the reason why it is late?? You can see that in GCMS notes. If yes please let me know the reason.
  11. I have same issue, exact same review required. Are you taking action for this.
  12. what's the reason behind review required. please share the issue.
  13. Hii Rudra mine is also review required can u helpme
  14. Hii guys I a. Also in the same boat of review required
    AOr 27feb
    Medical 5 April
    After no update
    Call agent she said review required becz of Indian experience
    I worked there 4.5 years
    As phone developer
    What can do know please please guide some
    I ordered gcms notes waiting for them

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