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Reunite with common law partner

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Gretchvic, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. I am separated from my legal wife for 5 years already but not legally separated yet. I’ve got a common law partner back home and we have a 6 years old daughter. Is it possible for me to bring them here in canada to reunite?
  2. You have been living with them for one continuous year and have proof of that? Would also encourage you to divorce your spouse.
  3. yes sir... we’ve been living together for for almost 6 years already.. though i am now here in canada for almost 7 years our communication is still there by having video calls. I even went back home 4 times already. I have a valid proof for that like; receipts of sending money as my financial support to them and lot of screen shoots pictures while doing video calls and some pictures when i went back home. Would these proofs eligible that i can sponsor them to be here in canada and have a PR approval?

    Thanks in advance when you do reply to this..
  4. Did you live together before you came to Canada?
  5. Did you live together before you got married? The timelines seem to coincide. When did you get married? How did you come to Canada?
  6. actually no. I got married first before my common law partner. I’ve got married sometimes in 1989. My previous wife brought me here together with our 4 kids who are already grown up.
  7. How have you been living together for 6 years when you have been in Canada for 7 years? What specific dates did you actually live together?

    Provide a complete timeline of your marriage, current relationship and immigration. Had you already started the relationship with your current partner when you immigrated to Canada?
  8. To be honest i was in relation with my common partner started 2011 of may and she got pregnant sometimes in may 2012 and gave on february 16, 2013. I and my 4 kids in my previous wife landed here in canada last july 2013. I got married to my previous last april 7, 1989. And we separated last july 22, 2014. I just want to hear an advice from you what to do about this that will answer my doubts.
  9. And again, when did you actually live with the current partner?

    It appears that you committed immigration fraud by immigrating as a dependent of one woman when you were already in a relationship and had a child with another woman.
  10. I actually decided her to be my common law partner last september 2014.
  11. You can't "decide her to be your common-law partner". Common-law is an actual legal status that requires one year of continuous cohabitation.
  12. I understand now sir. Thank you so much for the enlightenment. Thanks for the time for giving answers. God bless and more power.
  13. Not a sir...
  14. I’m so sorry mam.
  15. Expect that you will have difficulty ever sponsoring your gf and child because you committed immigration fraud. You also didn’t declare your other child when you landed which means you can’t sponsor the child now.

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