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restoration of work permit?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by knokkelmann16, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I made a mistake. I got my AOR and applied to extend my work permit (from open to closed) well in advance but got confused with my Lima exempt fee. I didn't include it this so my application for the extension has been refused. when I realized I made a mistake (2 weeks before the decision was made by IC) I tried to get my company get this done but they are lazy and wasted 2 weeks - and just today I got the refusal letter.
    the question is if I get the Lmia lets say tomorrow - can I just go to the border and ask for a new permit - closed (with all my paperwork) or do I have to apply for the resotarion online? I don't mind taking a holiday but to be frank with u my company may just fire me.....

    what do you think people?
  2. If you lost your status and you're from the country which requires visa I would say you need to apply online and can't go to the border. Call IRCC and find out if you qualify to go to the border, I had exactly the same situation (except work permit is closed and LMIA exempt) and needed to apply online because the told me if I leave Canada they will not let me in again. I reapplied and waited for 58 days until I got my work permit restored
  3. thanks for your answer. well, IRCC told me I can possibly do it. they told me there is a risk I might not be able to reenter Canada but I kind of doubt it and to tell you the truth I have to take this risk in order to keep my job. luckily, I don't need a visa (visitor) to stay in canada for up to 6 months. the problem is I still need to get my LMIA exemption which might take a while.

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