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Resignation on Closed Work Permit

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by nibs101, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. Hi,
    My query is I am under closed work permit valid till 2019.My wife is under OWP as my dependent.
    By any chance If I got to resign now ,will my Visa gets cancelled? or Shall I stay here legally till 2019?
    Also will my wife is able to work till 2019 even If I resigns now?

  2. Nope your Visa and Work permit stays intact and you can stay legally till the validity expires. Only caveat is If you plan to switch your Job, you might have to get fresh WP since the existing Closed WP is tagged to an employer.

  3. Thanks a lot
  4. what about the wife? can she still work till 2019 till the OWP expires? I understand that the main applicant cannot work with another employer until applying to a new closed WP.
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  5. I have same query as you...Do you get any answer to this???
  6. Spouse can work until the OWP expires.
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    Also My wife has Closed permit and currently her employer has send her to other country . She wants to resign and come back to Canada. Can she do that and get entry to Canada.??? permit is valid till Feb 2020
    I hope it will not affect my permit to work as i am dependant

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