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resettlement questions

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by monggomasus, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Hi, everyone.

    Just have a number of questions regarding landing and resettlement. Hope some of you can share your experiences regarding these issues. I am moving from the u.s. to canada around sept. and here are some of my resettlement and landing questions:
    1. license

    how long is the u.s. license valid and will it make it easier to obtain a Canadian one?

    2. address for social security and health insurance
    can you use a temporary address (e.g. a friend’s address) to apply for ss and then change it later when you get permanent housing?

    3. proof of funds
    what do you need to bring to prove proof of funds? Travelers cheque, cash, bank statement?

    4. credit report

    would it help f I get my u.s. credit report and use it to apply for credit cards or bank accounts in Canada?

    5. car insurance

    would it also help to get my u.s car insurance record to apply for Canadian car insurance?

    6. references

    do I need obtain letters of recommendations from past employers? Would it make it easier to get a job armed with these letters?

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