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Request for additional document

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by hp_momusu, Nov 9, 2019 at 5:03 AM.

  1. Hi all,

    I have received an email that my application has arrived the local visa office, but requesting me to provide additional document (includes PCC which I have not handed in yet so will proceed to request for it accordingly) However, in the email, it also asks me to provide some document which I have already submitted with my application, such as the document which shows my self-employed experience, uodated IMM5669, updated IMM5406 and photos. Do I still need to mail it to the local visa office once again? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi hp_momusu,

    We already have the same situation.

    My agent told me it was just a formative request letter from the Canada immigration department, which just tends to requests the applicant providing the latest personal/family information. I had updated some forms like IMM5669, IMM5406, photos, and some current statues documents rather than documents that had already submitted(self-employment related). Hope this information could help you.

  3. Thanks for replying! Then I will add some new invoices that I have in between. By the way, may I know if you have received any original letter, or simply received the email? As I see from the website that it asked us to bring the original letter and a copy of it when we go to apply for PCC. I wonder if I should wait for the original letter (if there is any) or I can go right away for the PCC.
  4. I haven't received any original letter. I was printing the documents of request email and put it on the top of all papers, then mail it back.
  5. Thanks a lot!! May I know your status now? How long have you been waiting for the medical request after submitting the additional information?
  6. Sorry another question.. for the forms IMM5669 and IMM5406, if I do not have any changes, do I still have to update the forms? Does it mean that I have to update the dates? As I submitted my application in April 2019, so the forms are dated on April 2019 and the job history also dated till April 2019. Do it mean that I have to update the dates? Or I can simply ignore it if I do not have any changes to update?
  7. I suggest you update it, no harm to do that, isn't it?
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  8. You're welcome, My status is MEP. I received the additional request letter and Medical examination request letter at the same time on Sep.

    But my agent told me CIC done these things randomly which doesn't mean anything until the final PPR. Even I pass the medical examination, there still possible to have another following interview request in the future.
  9. Just did my PCC today, and will update the forms and mail everything to the local visa office tomorrow. I didn’t receive medical request yet though. Let’s hope for the best for both of us!! :)
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  10. Cheers ;)

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