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Replacement study permit requires police report number, but police rejected to provide it to me. What should I do?

Scott Leraque

Aug 28, 2020
Hi guys,
I lost my study permit when I sent it to IRCC from Toronto to Ottawa by post. I’m filling request for replacement of study permit document. The document requires police report number to prove that I lost my study permit. I contacted Ottawa police. They rejected and told me to contact Toronto Police because I reside in Toronto and my lost doesn’t guarantee my study permit is at Ottawa. Therefore, I contacted Toronto Police, and they rejected because it is lost property and told me to report Canada Service, which is obviously an useless recommendation. Should I submit my document without police report number? Will IRCC accept my document without it? If anyone replaced study permit before, how did you get the police report number?


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Sep 12, 2019
Haven't encountered a similar situation but this may help if you really couldn't get a police report, would it be possible for you to email the toronto and ottawa police dept--so that you will at least have documented proof of their response; that you tried obtaining one but unable to get it due to above given reasons.
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Sep 15, 2020
You can report police that you have lost your study permit. Then, they will provide you file number. if you already did, Do it again by online police services so atleast you have written reports that you contacted police for your lost of property.