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Rental Leads for Family

Discussion in 'Housing' started by donovanjames, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. Hey All,

    I am looking for leads on family housing in Victoria (close to UVic), especially with a cat and dog. I am having great difficulty finding places at all, let alone in my budget. I’ve been searching Craigslist but I can’t seem to find websites with a lot of listings, let alone with houses—they’re all 1 bedroom apartments. I’m looking for a 2B1B house / suite / apartment but ideally something larger for $2000 or so.

    Any info is greatly appreciated!
  2. Having pets in rental is going to be very tough. Although technically not illegal to bring a pet into your rental most landlords will go with other renters if they have other options. There is also a low vacancy rate. Have you been to Victoria? Finding a rental while not in the city will be difficult especially if you are on a budget. Landlords will also prefer renting to adults without children.
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  3. Oof. That does sound difficult. Yes my wife and I came 10 years ago on vacation but housing wasn’t on our radar back then. At best I could leave my pets behind with family, but my child is a dealbreaker LOL.
  4. Sorry meant have you come to Victoria or are you in Victoria to secure a rental before moving. It will be really hard to secure a rental without actually being in the city unless you have a very healthy budget or renting a room.
  5. Yeah I’m unfortunately searching from Oregon via the Internet, and our move date is uncertain. This rental market makes me really nervous between the prices and availability.
  6. Yes there is a low vacancy date. Assume if you are going to UVic you need to be there sometime in September so need a September rental which usually means Sept 1st. Lots of other students looking for the same time frame although many of the housing usually used by students won’t work for a family with a child. To secure housing would suggest taking a trip to Victoria.
  7. Exactly. Except we’re looking at going earlier so we can get settled. As early as July 1. I’m going to be as flexible as possible, even looking at sublets, in order to get us up there. While there is less family housing, I feel like I’m at least not in competition for it with the other students. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Canada usually operates on a 60 day notice system so you are likely seeing apartments for August now. A landlord or property manager meeting you in person is pretty important in many cases.
  9. Finding an apartment with pets are very tough. I think it's not right because people love their pets so much. You can contact the local real estate agent or broker, or you may search on google for an apartment with pets.

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