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Rent home short term lease

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Ritikathakurdas, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. Hi this is Ritika. I'm searching home for family of 2. My husband is already there in calgary since 17 july and I'll be landing on September 14. We are trying hard to find home in calgary.
    Please suggest some leads and help us to settle down. Also some survival jobs.
  2. Check out Craigslist, kijiji, and padmapper for rentals. I'm not sure what you mean by survival jobs? There are usually options at fast food places, restaurants, malls, etc. for entry level service jobs. You would have to look into these once you land because no employers will give you an entry level job if you are not physically present in Canada first and have all the needed documents.
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  3. Shouldn’t be that hard given the vacancy rate. Without jobs or a credit you will likely have to show a healthy savings account for most rentals. Given that you don’t have jobs or friends and family it seems but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just Calgary. Apply for jobs in the surrounding cities or even provinces.
  4. Already trying these websites for getting results. Jobs for my husband he is already there.
    Thanks for response.
  5. Do you mean that your husbands need a job?
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  6. Yes job for my husband. If anyone can suggest..?
  7. It depends on a lot of things. Is he legally allowed to work anywhere? Check sites like Indeed and Google for job postings that compliment his skill set.

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