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Rent an apartment without employment

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Tolstonadik, May 27, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone!

    Me and my husband have got or Express entry PPR and land in Toronto in June.

    I am wondering, how realistic it is to find an apartment without any fixed employment?

    I heard that sometimes landlords also ask to show your bank statement, but the problem is we basically have just slightly over EE minimum, which is around 16 000 CAD.

    What did your landlord ask you to submit?
    Can you share your experience?
  2. It is much more difficult and will limit your options.
  3. Especially in Toronto, where landlords have strict requirements for tenants, very often requiring an employment letter, landlord reference and a credit score check for starters. To get around your issue, some landlords will ask for multiple months rent in advance.
  4. When looking for an apartment I would definitely recommend to go for places where you directly get to speak with the landlord and not work with realtors.
    If you can get to know the landlord personally and tell your story they are often understanding and willing to make compromises. Either as mentioned with paying rent in advance or other forms.

    When my wife and I first landed we found a landlord couple that were willing to rent to us without employment and landlord reference. As a substitute for the credit score we showed a proof of funds and as a substitute for the landlord reference they allowed us to put anyone we know who was living in Canada. If you get to tell your story and show that you are nice, hard working people who want to find a place to start in Canada many landlords are nice enough to make compromises.

  5. Thanks a lot for your advice, we'll try to do that!
    If I may, how much money you showed on your account that seemed sufficient for your landlord?
    And also, I don't mind paying
  6. if you do airbnb or room share or basements, its easier because you dont have to show much documents. Also they could be short term so you are not bound for 1 year. The only problem is that the accommodation might not be nice and sometimes a bit too far away from downtown
  7. In Ontario, it is illegal for a landlord to ask for multiple months' rent in advance. When you find a place you like, you OFFER to pay the landlord six to one year's rent in advance.

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