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Renewing PR Card and Travel History


Jan 3, 2020
OK, so, I'm still confused on this. The actual instructions for renewing your permanent residence card hammer home that you need to list all your absences from Canada. I do not have all that information readily available. I've made several trips to the states over the last five years, but they were short and I am 100% confident that I meet the residency requirements. I just don't have all the dates recorded.

Also, there is this eye-catching line: “Note: It is a serious offence to give false or misleading information on these forms. The information you provide on your application may be verified.”

So, I need to find all of my information somehow, right? Well, then you see this on the CBSA website.

“If you are renewing or applying for a Permanent Resident Card you do not need to request your Traveller History Report from the CBSA. Checking "Yes" on page 3, Question 23 (section E) of the application form allows IRCC to collect the report on your behalf.”

So I've encountered different, conflicting instructions. Do I need to be super thorough and accurate? Should I request a travel history anyway? Do I just fill it out the best of my ability and let the agencies work it out? Any advice would be appreciated.