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Renew visitor visa by flagpoling

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ElenaVerona, May 17, 2018.

  1. Hey guys! I have a slight problem; I'm overstaying my stay in Canada if I don't renew my status, but I kind of don't want to pay $100 for a visitor visa for the couple of days (12 days) I'm over. Does anyone know if it's possible to cross the border to the USA and renew my visitor status that way without too much hassle? I'm from a visa exempt country (the Netherlands) so I currently don't have a visitor visa. Thanks!
  2. Border runs are not recommended. CBSA does not like people who attempt to live in Canada as visitors, so there is always the possibility of being refused entry.

    It is generally less risky to apply online for a visitor extension.

  3. I know that and it's also not my intention to do that, but I also don't want to sponsor Canada further since I already payed 250$ to get a permit I was refused for. I have a ticket back to the Netherlands 12 days after my visitor status expires, so that would be why. Plus, I would like to visit Seattle!
  4. Others can comment but assuming you leave Canada for the US before your authorised stay expires and you return to Canada with details of your flight out of Canada to show to CBSA personally I cannot see an issue but then I am not CBSA.

    As a visa exempt holding a confirmed flight out then worst case they simply issue you a visit record with a specific date slightly beyond your flight date or they just wave you in, doubtful although no way to predict they refuse entry.

    As Canuck suggests would not recommend flagpoling, coming back into Canada, then going to Seattle then coming back into Canada to leave if that was your intention as opposed to visiting Seattle before your overstay then back to Canada for your flight.

    Minor point a 12 day overstay is not a couple of days, if we’re a just a couple days overstay whilst still technically an overstay it is not the same.

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