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Regarding visitor visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by AMNINDER MADRAY, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Hello I have applied for visitor visa online application on 19th September 2018 as my brother is permanent resident of canada. Her daughter birthday is on 3 November 2018 so if the ocassion is missed which is going to be are there any chances of getting visa. Please let me know Thanks
  2. An approval will depend on your application and not on the event date. TRV decisions are regularly given after events have passed
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  3. Thanks Bryanna
    One more thing the immigration has made enquiry from my restaurant owner regarding work just after one week I lodged my application. So what do u think the chances are
  4. Here's something you may want to think about:
    IRCC is closely scrutinizing your application to verify if your claims, especially your employment, are true and correct as stated in your TRV application.

    Hope you have not made any incorrect statements..... and/or any incorrect claims about your salary/income/bank balance, etc
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  5. No not at all everything i
  6. Everything is genuine
  7. Hi ,

    Did you get any updates on your visa status?
    Please let us know!
  8. No sir I haven't got any update yet the visa status is still showing in progress...I'm worried

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