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Refusing the vistor visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by vijay1973, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. hi this is vijay avasti from hongkong,with indian passport,staying in hongkong for last 10 year,permannet resident of hongkong.
    my kids are born here,i have usa valid visa,i had been to usa for 2 time, was suposed to go to usa for 1 week next month ,from there,i had plan to go to canada for 1 week,with my indian friend and usa friend ,
    last week i applied for canada visit visa,but they refuse.they say,
    i am not satisfied tht you will leave canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident,as stipulated in paragraph 179(b) based on your travel history.
    i had never been gone to canada before,and not any country i had been over stay,
    my family live in hongkong ,i was going alone,so how come i will not come back.i have my company here with good turn over,i pay tax here, my property in hongkong,i had submited my commpany balance sheet and bank statment.
    i had been travel to many country like,UAE,THAILAND,INDONESIA,PHILIPINES,USA,MACAU,CHINA,and many more....

    waiting for reply
  2. What information/documents did you submit?
  3. 1. What was the purpose of your visit?

    2. What documents did you submit?

    3. Are you the sole owner of your company?

    4. Except for the US, the other countries don't count as travel history for a Canadian TRV
  5. You'll need to give us more details/post replies to the questions if you need advice
  6. Friends,

    I am planning to apply TRV for my in-laws after first time rejection in July-2018. I am looking for some suggestions to show strong ties for them in India.

    1) Actually my father in law did by-pass surgery 8 months back and he has an follow up appointment with the doctor early January-2019. What type of documents is required for this and will this be considered as a strong tie to go back to the country?

    2) My mother in-law's mom is alive and she is old age but she is living in another home very close to my in-laws and my mother in-law visits her almost everyday to provide her food and take care of her medical needs. So what documents I need to submit for these? Will this be considered as a strong family tie. Please advise.
  7. Would suggest that you father find a cardiac surgeon and cardiologist who lives in India wha can take over his care. That way you won't have to pay for the Canadian doctor visit and you have someone local to follow him closely and who knows his case if he runs into any future problems. Given hi bypass his cardiac issues are likely no longer covered by travel medical insurance.
  8. You would want to be very careful about stating this point. IMO, it is not a strong tie per se as eventualities can happen anywhere in such cases.

    As your father-in-law did a bypass surgery pretty recently, IRCC could request for medical furtherance even for a TRV. You would also want to check if he will be able to get suitable insurance coverage for a TRV (not the super visa insurance).

    Can your parents provide hard evidence of paying for her stay in the other home + payments towards her medical expenses, surgeries, insurance, etc?
  9. Actually my MIL's mother stays in her own home and yes for sure my MIL can show proof of medical expenses. But those will be in local language. Should I translate those in english? Also Will that hold a valid and strong reason for her ties back home? Pls advise.
  10. IMO, this reason is likely to backfire. It is not a strong reason to return to India.

    Have you spoken to insurers?

    All documents must be translated into English by a certified translator.

    Your in-laws' ties to India lack the paperwork required for TRV approvals whether it is for their business or their finances if I remember correctly. You may want to consider applying only for your mom-in-law. IMO, it would be best to wait for some more months to be sure your dad-in-law's health condition is truly stable and will be covered by insurance
  11. The purpose of visit for my in-laws is purely to visit Canada and to see their grand child who was born on 1-Aug. When I applied for them in the month of June, I stated that they are coming here to visit canada and help my wife during her pregnancy delivery. And for this reason their visa got rejected. Now, the case is different, my wife delivered baby on 1-Aug and their purpose of visit is purely to see canada and to see us and their newborn grand child. I am stuck with what to show for their family ties and ties to backhome.

    For my FIL: He does agriculture, Agri property is in his name, he has properties rented and receiving rental income too.
    For my MIL: She is house wife, and there are few properties in her name as well and is being rented. The issue is they do not give rental receipts (that formal culture is not there in their village) and tenants also pay cash in hand to them.
    Regarding me and my wife: We are a PR here and I am working and I can show financial proof to support them for their stay, food, medical expenses etc...

    Now before I submit, my only worry is about their family ties or strong ties to back home to prove visa officer they will return back. Purpose of visit this time may not be of a concern because they are planning to come here only for 3 weeks to visit few attraction places and to see the newborn.
  12. Thanks Bryanna. Then let me not ask my FIL to get doctor appointment letter. And will consider your point to apply for MIL first. The problem is she cannot travel alone this far (from Ind to Canada) due to language barriers etc..
  13. You may want to look up direct flights. That apart, airline staff can help.

    IMO, your MIL has a better chance of an approval if you prepare her paperwork well especially evidence to prove her ties/her finances, etc

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