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Refused 4 times

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by EdSilva, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Hello.

    In 3 years I’ve Ben refused 4 tlmes.


    Travel history
    Not sufficient funds
    Personal affets and financials status

    Mid 2016

    Travel history
    Family ties
    Purpose of visit

    2017: same reasons of mid 2016

    Now I’m 2018:

    Travel history
    Personal affets and financial status
    Purpose of the visit
    Employment situation

    I have a good job since 6 years, strong funds in bank, I detailed day by day itinerary, my purpose is tourism, i uploaded my papers of my home property, credits cards statements, my payed taxes, all my duties in my country.
    IM so unlucky, if only knew about this blog all would be diferent

    They didn’t check my employment letter cuz they put “employment situation” because that’s have no sense if I’m
    Currently working.

    this 4 refusals can
    Impact me for schengen visa and USA VISA ??
  2. Did you just apply with the same documents over and over expecting a different result? What did you do to overcome the previous refusals and improve your situation?

    And I believe these refusals could have an impact on other country visa applications, if they ask if you have ever been refused by any other country you will have to declare these and tell the truth. It could be interpreted as you are desperate to leave your country.
  3. You have to apply for CAIPS notes. You should have done that after the first refusal. They take about a month to come and they will give you a more detailed explanation of why you were refused. I would also consider not applying for a while either. Four refusals is a lot.
  4. I applied with different docs, In
    Each application I put more evidence than the last. In USA visa form they don’t make the question if you ever been refused maybe on the interview but they share data.
  5. Did you indicate on the subsequent applications you had been refused?
  6. Yes, in the question “have you ever been refused” I checked on yes and giving details. Even in cover letter explaining that I won’t overstay explaining my ties in my country with evidence, I’ve in Colombia, Mexico and Cuba and they still giving me travel history reasons, I have job since 6 years and they gave me the employment situation reason.

    7,000cad is not enough for 2 weeks ?? Do I need to be billionaire?
  7. As I said, you need to apply for notes. The reasons you got for refusal are quite generic (as a lot of people get them). They are usually looking for travel history to include countries that need a visa (Europe, schengen etc)
  8. Those notes will give me answer for all applications or one in specific??
  9. I doubt your GCMS notes will reveal anything extraordinary which is not already obvious from what you've posted.

    1. You don't have previous travel history to visa-required countries such as the US, UK, EU, Australia, NZ, etc

    2. You do not have a compelling reason to visit considering you don't have any family/relatives in Canada + it seems rather unusual for you to want to visit Canada for sightseeing when you have not visited other countries for a similar purpose.

    3. You don't have dependent family members in your country of residence.

    4. Did you purchase your property with funds earned by you or was it gifted/transferred to you by a family member?

    Which passport do you hold?
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    I just have friends in Canada but In previous applications I uploaded an invitation letter from them with their passport stamped on invitation letter, the two last one I wanted to go by my own, the past years I traveled with same tourism purposes to neighbor country but those countries don’t need visa.

    That house was constructed by me and my dad.

    My father depends on me now cuz he’s pensioner.

    I hold Dominican passport, and yes I think those notes won’t help to get visa, I better forget about Canada for a long time period.

    In USA visa they don’t ask for previous refusals of other countries and I think is easier than Canadian visa cuz a cousin of mine got it, and he doesn’t have strong ties, he just has a job and he’s single.
  11. So I don’t have hope :(
  12. If you only have $7000 and your trip may cost at the minimum $3000 it does not seem realistic to spend half of your hard earned savings in just 2 weeks. Employment situation is not necessary about your job situation it is about the ability to get a high paying job in the DR and the temptation to work illegally in Canada because the earning potential will be the same or better.
  13. I showed the savings at that moment and was the estimated in CAD or higher in that time, obviously I won’t spend all the money of my saving account, BTW looks like they focused on previous refusals and they think I’ll overstay, in these moments Im blaming those who overstay and we truly tourist are paying those mistakes.
  14. It would still be a large portion of your savings for a 2 week vacation. You also have no strong reason to come to Canada like family. It is an unusual choice in vacation destinations especially since you haven't been to the Us which is much easier and less expensive to travel to. Unfortunately other have overstayed ir ran out of money CIC is very cautious.
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  15. Thanks to all for the replies, I’m too young practically and I can know other countries besides Canada.

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