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refund of high tuition

Discussion in 'International Students' started by stefff, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. I hope here is someone could help me to solve the issue. Last year, before I start my high school. The school claim that I need to pay 1 full year's tuition. So I've paid a years tuition for my high school before I star study in this school. And I've been study in this school for 1 semester. Before the new semester is start. I am going to drop out of the school and apply to the school for refund. However, the school refuse to refund the tuition fees. The reason is that there's no precedent. I did apply to drop out the school two weeks before school start. The school will start on 9/5 2019. I hope here's a person have some suggestions for me. Thanks.
  2. It is up to schools to decide their own refund policy. They don't have to refund you if they don't want to.
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  3. There is generally a date by which you should be able to drop out and get refund, not sure about high schools though. So check their calendar if they have one.
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  4. Would also add that if you are not attending school your study permit should get cancelled within 90 days.
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  5. Thanks for your replying!
  6. The date
    Thanks for you suggestion!I’ve consulted my teacher. However, they don’t tell me the effective date of refund and refuse me. And I can not find the refund policy of my school on school website. My family has contacted them 26days before the school opening.
  7. Thanks for your help!I

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