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Refugees Applications Outside Canada / New Updated Thread

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by hope.2019, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I would like to start this thread for the people who are applying to Canada as refugees from different countries in the world.
    I had a hard time relating to different applicants who are in Canada. So this thread might keep things clear and relatable.

    You can post your concerns and questions and even updates to benefit and help others with your experiences.

    But again this thread is preferably for the people applying FROM OUTSIDE CANADA.
  2. I have sent my application in mid 2018, and I know that a lot of people applied in 2017. People who have applied within that time frame (2017 to present) might have some similarities with how their applications are being handled.
    I have applied alone and I have done the medical exam. Right now I am just waiting for the unknown amount of time and for the unknown next step.
  3. If anyone could help me with all these questions if you please.

    1- What is the detailed procedure for the coming steps and when should I expect it?

    2- I am a student in my current country but I want to continue in Canada, will they give me enough time to apply for the universities in Canada and finalise my paperwork in my current university to transfer?

    3- and the most IMP question is, will I ever be looked at as a refugee and be hated or treated differently?
  4. You should clarify in your post that this is for refugees already selected for resettlement in Canada.
  5. There is likely to be a break between your studies. You unfortunately may not receive transfer credits. Depending on your financial situation work may need to be a priority versus studies.
  6. It's actually for anyone who is applying as a refugee from outside canada who would like to ask any question to get things clearer for her/him
  7. I see. Why wouldn't they transfer my credits? It depends on the university i suppose.
    And what are your thoughts about being a part time student and worker? Just like many international students.
  8. International students have to be full-time students and can work up to 20 hours per week. Yes many new immigrants work full-time and study part-time. The Canadian university will determine if the courses you took meet their specifications.

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