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Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Askari, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. I want to take refugee due to Shia Muslim in Pakistan
  2. You would need to have proof that your life in particular is in danger and that you have been targeted. To claim asylum you would have to get to Canada or relocate to another country and register with UNHCR as a refugee and hope that you are part of the small percentage who get resettled. You don’t have a choice about where you are resettled if chosen.
  3. Sir i will prove that my life in danger, and I have targeted but I have not under stood your statement of " another country "
    And also not understood the meanings of "UNHCR" ?????
    Please guide me in slees and easy English language
    I shall be thankful to you for this kindness, good bye I am waiting your reply. Thanks in advance.
  4. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/refugees.html





    Or get a tourist visa and claim asylum on arrival:

    You will have to show you have lots of money and a clear intent to go back before they will approve your visitor Visa. Good luck!
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  5. Hi there Askari. If you want to claim Asylum you want to get out of the country so you won't be injured or killed. Yup, asylum is a SERIOUS matter. That is why you must go to ANOTHER country to register with the UNHCR: this is the United Nations Refugee Agency. The only way to get to Canada is to be here already. You would have to get a Travel Authorization and get the airline to let you on which they won't do. Incorrect papers NO flight. So you can't claim asylum in Canada; you will have to do it near home, hence the reason to go to another country. In the country you go to will be an UNHCR refugee camp with Medical resources. After a while you will be sent to your final home. You will be safe BUT THE COUNTRY THEY SEND YOU TO MAY NOT BE CANADA. Be sure to read thoroughly the links left by Andy Keeling in the post above!

    UNHCR: https://www.unhcr.org/
  6. Askari,have it in mind that refugee claim is not as easy as you might think.
    Second,once inside UNHCR,its their choice,the country of refuge,not your choice.further more what you need is life protection.
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