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Recommended Primary School and Kindergarten in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Discussion in 'Education' started by waiwera, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Hi, anyone enroll their kids in primary school and kindergarten in halifax, ns? any recommendation and review? good location, teachers, students, curriculum, etc?
    Really appreciate your kind advise ;D
  2. Really?? :eek:
    no one has young kids here? or no one lives in Halifax, NS? LOL ;D ;D
  3. Google "Halifax school rankings".

    Not all that surprising you haven't had any feedback. Halifax is pretty small.
  4. Google is not so much help either. i understand halifax is not as HUGE as other big cities but just cant believe that seems like noone from halifax is joining this lovely forum :D
    thanks for the suggestion anyway, mate. just need to keep digging now :D
  5. Up up up ;D
    anyone moving to Halifax NS lately? which school your kids are going to (public primary school)?
    let's discuss which school to enroll and why.. yeah.. ;D
  6. anyone has kids going to Primary School in Halifax? ;D ;D ;D
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  7. Hi,

    We're moving to Nova Scotia in the Spring. We haven't found a house yet but we're looking at settling in Dartmouth or Lower Sackville areas. My kids will be attending High School, not Elementary, but I'd appreciate any thoughts or feedback on the subject of schools in NS.

    I'm planning to research Halifax Regional School Board's website for information on school rankings, so I'll let you know if I find anything out! ;D
  8. Really appreciate it ;D
    I have checked around but still no info about school rankings or review about public schools, mostly just private ones.
    anyway, good luck with your moving in spring and searching for house and schools.
    have a wonderful christmas ;D
  9. Hey, any info on schools in Halifax?
  10. In Canada there isn't a huge difference between schools. In general you'll find more sought after schools in areas where the cost of housing is higher.
  11. it depends on where you are gonna live, there is no much different really.

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