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Recommended Cargo Companies in Dubai

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by leavingonajetplane2016, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. I'm currently planning my move and looking for budget cargo company recommendations. I'm not moving furniture or electronics as I plan to sell all that. However, I have a huge library with over 100 books so I have to ship them.

    I did the math of buying extra luggage space on the plane and taking them with me but not economical. I'm checking out Ruby Cargo but appreciate other recommendations so I can do a cost comparison. Thanks.
  2. Hey there again.
    Did you use any cargo company from Dubai? Or recommend any? What were they charging?
    Thanks again
  3. I used Marico through service market but I do not recommend them. They shipped my things with wrong information and I ended up having a massive tug of war with FedEx on arrival. They then went ghost and I had to deal with FedEx on my own. Also, avoid Fedex. Completely horrendous and incompetent. Service Market recommended 3 companies - Marico, Aeon and MoveHub so maybe you can try one of the other two but enter your specifications into Service Market first. You may get more recommendations.
  4. Thankyou foe the headsup....
    Gosh new country and dealing with crap is not on my list....
    Yeah i did the service market thing 2 days back... Havent heard from them yet.

    I have contacted a few companies and they have quoted me per cubic meter.... So lets see....
  5. Hi,

    What were the charges ? per kg or per cbm? I have found 1 company quoting around 25 Aed per kg sending via DHL and another saying around 1000 Aed per cbm.

    Do share if you have any better options..
  6. Hi could you let me know the company name /contact quoting 1000/cbm? Would appreciate it
  7. Elite Shipping - Call Davis ( 052 915 9905)
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  8. Thankyou
  9. That sounds like a good rate. They charged me 30 dhs / kg I think. Need to look it up but definitely more than AED 25. Also, any company is definitely better than horrendous FedEx.
  10. From time to time, in Canada, I received telephone scams from DHL. Do you received telephone scams from Fedex in the middle east?
  11. Thankyou @tanmaisneha
    Second this....Elite Shipping - Davis.

    Great rates and amazing service during packing...just finished mine today.

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