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Discussion in 'Housing' started by yatin malik, May 7, 2019.

  1. What is the best way to find a realtor in GTA
  2. Friends and family reference. Interview. Look at any reviews or complaints. Many real estates specialize in certain areas although they can sell homes all over the place.
  3. By family and friends
    We got one of the best one from Mississauga .
  4. A friend of mine referred me to a realtor in Markham. He is really helpful and gave a lot of useful information. He also helped us find our first house in Canada (first the rental condo then to buy one as well). He is a fantastic person. PM me in case you guys want any specific information.
  5. Read reviews online and check their websites/social media. Also you should interview 1-2 Realtors before you decide. Sometimes it's more about a Realtor's style of working... that will make you comfortable and confident to work with them. There are 54,000 Realtors in Ontario - you just have to find 1 good one that can help you.
  6. How much does a realtor charge in GTA for finding you a place to rent?
  7. None
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  8. Hi,

    Realtor does not charge even a single penny if they help you to get place on rent.
    Be aware that many realtor do charge from newcomers, who does not have idea about it.

    Good Luck
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  9. There are a lot of unethical realtors in the market. Interview few and hire someone who wants to work for YOU and not just there to fill his/her pocket. See their work style before signing any contract.Check their knowledge about the market and neighborhood. Also, you would want to hire someone who will be there after the transaction as well.
  10. Realtor gets commission from the seller/landlord and not from the buyer/tenant
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