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Re-enter in canada after divorce and expiry of PR due to living out of canada for 5 yrs.


Aug 30, 2019
I need help of experts. I live in canada for 6 yrs with PR and I left canada in Jan 2013 due to divorce taken in India. My PR was valid ill oct 2017 and now i remarried and have a daughter too. I want to know how i can renew my PR and sponsored my husband and daughter.


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Mar 22, 2016
Given you left Canada in 2013 you have now failed the residency obligation so you could not even apply for a PRTD, required without a valid PR card to fly back to Canada. If you did apply for a PRTD it would be likely your PR status would be revoked.

Your only option really would be to obtain a US visa and try entering via the land border hoping to not be reported but then you would need to stay put in Canada for at least 2 years before attempting to renew your PR card which can only be done from within Canada.

If you are successful in entering the country then because you have not met the residency obligation it would be unadvisable until back in compliance to attempt to sponsor anyone given that to could result in your status being revoked.

So in summary your options are limited and apart from possibility of PR status being revoked even if you successfully entered the country the whole process could require you to be apart from your family for a period of time. Probably the only way forward would be to renounce your PR status and start again with a new PR application assuming you or your husband qualify.

Note only PR cards expire PR status can only be renounced or revoked.
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