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Re: dubaimcs

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by ezzy, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Anybody who applied skilled worker in Canada through dubaimcs? Please give me feedback of this Consultancy.. thanks
  2. I applied on this agency but still waiting for my LMO...
  3. Hi Liezl,

    So you've got the offer, how's the status now? I just want to clear from my side that this agency is not a fraud.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!
  4. I am staying in Sharjah but never heard of this Consultant.

    Anyway hiring consultant is waste of money.

  5. I applied two years back.One year back offered two years work permit. Signed Pre offer letter from employer.It has been waiting for LMO.But still have no reply.
    Now Dubaimcs says take deposit money and wait for LMO. if positive reply from LMO, I have to give back the money.
    If anyone can advice me on this
    What does that mean?
    Did they reject my application?
    Do i need to wait for WP.

  6. They are people who offer employment visas to Canada but NO GUARANTEE.
    Think well before dealing with them.

    Link: http://www.dubaimcs.com
  8. Hi,

    Did you proceed your application with them?

  9. did you land in canada now?
  10. Hi,

    Be very very very careful with such agencies, which charge money for providing placement services. Just because Dubaimcs or any other organization is in 'Dubai', doesn't mean they are legit. You could lose your money, time and effort chasing such dreams.

    Another thing to note is, readers of this forum, please do take into consideration that it is possible, to create buzz in the forum and other online media, by constantly mentioning the name of a particular agency and having fake posts to generate interest (business). Maybe that's happening in this forum.

    No offense meant to the honest applicants of Dubaimcs. JUST BE CAREFUL THAT YOU DON'T BECOME A VICTIM OF FRAUD.

    Best wishes
  12. Hi Guys,

    I'm also trying to apply through Dubai MCS and would like to know if they are genuine.

    Can you let me know how long your process took? It would be very helpful and I would highly appreciate it.


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