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re-applying for TRV online for rejected previously

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Ijaz7484, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. can some one guide how to apply online again for previously rejected application.
    note previous we applied online and got rejetced.
    do we have to make a new account again ?
    is there a provision to apply again in the existing online account.
    do we have to apply again from new online account ?
  2. You can apply from the existing online account.

    IMO, you're making a mistake by reapplying so soon after four TRV refusals
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  3. i have not thought of applying again at the moment.

    i am just collecting information incase if i have to apply after 6 months

    thats exactly my concern of having rejection of 4 times if it will be approved again.
  4. There's something in their applications and/or their personal circumstances that has resulted in repeated refusals. You will get some idea why through the GCMS notes.

    Other questions:
    1. Your dad is a registered tour operator, right? He is registered with the Haj Committee and the Indian government as a private tour operator, right?

    2. Was there any incident during any of his Haj tours in the past?
  5. NO incident in last 36years of his service to the people. never ever overstayed in his life.
    Very Clean records.

    fourth rejection says only his funds are not enough to maintain in canada however we have shown 15000CAD for 16days of his stay.
    and also purpose of visit.
  6. It is incorrect to consider only the stated refusal reasons. The actual refusal could be for some other reason that might not be black/white.

    You should apply for GCMS notes for at least the first refusal + the recent refusal
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  7. How can we apply for gcms notes ??? How long it will take to get the gcms notes ??
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  9. No. Anyone who lives in Canada can apply for these case notes. It will cost CAD 5 and take about 4-5 weeks to get
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