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RCMP fingerprint result- Positive identification.what does it mean?

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by captains, Jan 11, 2019.

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    hi guys,

    i have just received my RCMP fingerprint's result and ready to forward it to the IRCC

    on first phrase its written that there is no criminal record on my name

    on second phrase it says that - ''This is also certifies that by the RCMP using the same fingerprints has resulted in a POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION to immigration fingerprints registered under the file numbers indicated below''

    any clue what does the 2nd phrase mean? !! Thanks in advance
  2. It’s normal and relax it means they have found you fingerprints regarding the immigration application indicated below (when you applied for asylum )
    Nothing to worry about We all have the same
    Hope you get your Pr soon
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  3. Thanks
  4. Can you please share your timeline
  5. hello there. I just received the same statement but I have charges on me it says positive in the letter.is it good or bad for my PR application? any help here will be appreciated
  6. What are the charges? Did you enter Canada to avoid them?
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  7. Are the charges in Canada or elsewhere. Yes it may have an impact on your application for asylum. Depending on the charges it will make you inadmissible for asylum.
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  8. hey guys about the biometric I've been asking to do it , but what I want to know is the result will given by hand and then I can send it directly to IRCC or it will be taken online and they will recived it from the VAC ?
  9. I also got same sentence with the file number below.
    what does it mean?
  10. The biometric result will be sent directly to the embassy through the VFS in you country . So never don't thing about it and follow the instruction letter that you
    recived from the embassy and them will be responsible to send it .

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