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Ray of hope - FSW - 1


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Nov 3, 2019
South Africa
NOC Code......
It will be updated here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/oinp-express-entry-notifications-interest
Under Human Capital Priorities Stream

Any new OINP draw updates can be tracked here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/2020-ontario-immigrant-nominee-program-updates
Thank you both. :) Wasn't sure if it was published immediately or not. I'm looking out for a friend of mine who is a programmer (NOC 2174), who might be drawn. Will refresh those pages later.


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Apr 17, 2012
Thank you for the response @13nitinsharma!! I am a bit overwhelmed with the process. I was wondering if you could answer some of my questions.

1. Last OINP draw as for CEC only. is this one for foreign skilled workers?
2. If I receive NOI, I'll have 45 days to submit my application. Will I still be in EE pool in these 45 days? OINP costs you an additional 1500 CAD and the process is a bit longer than EE. Idk if it would be a good idea to accept the invitation or shall I wait in the EE pool since I have 474.
3. How long do I have to accept the invitation? I know I'll have 45 days to submit the application once accepted.

Please correct me if I am wrong. TIA
1. Yes, FSW
2. 45 days to submit
3. Create your profile on OINP portal and submit your application along with documents and CAD 1500 to OINP.


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Sep 17, 2019
Pls if any one knows of any opportunity available for me.

NOC 4214: Early Childhood Educators and Assistants

CRS 468

I missed Nova Scotia PNP DRAW in June 2019, since then no province has been invited teachers, if not for Covid, I was hoping another one will happen this June.