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Ray of Hope - 132nd Draw

Parm Bhatti

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Dec 15, 2016
Until yesterday, hardly any OINP appliacants got nomination and just on the eve of tomorrow's draw saw around 8-10 applicants getting nomination and they will all get ITA tomorrow. This is just one WhatsApp group. NOIs issued in July and August for Tech NOCs have made a huge impact on the cut-off. OINP and AINP have been a game changer this year who have eaten into the ITAs. Proliferation of Canadian students combined with the PNPs issued this year have made sure CRS stays high. Hopefully, we have a draw on 18th as well. People with 470 and above(maybe 469 too) should start collecting POST ITA docs than unnecessarily worrying about their prospects of getting an ITA tomorrow. All the best !!!

Let's see what's in store this year for people like me who are at 465 ☺
Many candidates got nomination by Nova Scotia in last 2 weeks. I am one of them. Waiting for this draw
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Nov 3, 2019
Damn there were days when I was hopeful on 442 and 470 these days are not even enough
Lol dw it's just my guess. It may be not correct. Am waiting at 468. My only hope is b2b draws now. I wish we could know how many people are above 470s at the moment by which we could guess cut off for tomorrow draw.
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