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Ray of Hope - 105th draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Do we receive email/notification when ITA gets triggered?
  2. Do you know when do we get the ITA
  3. Any time from now.. maximum could take upto 24 hours... good luck to you.. whats your score btw?
  4. Its 445
  5. OK, hope we all receive it soon!
  6. Yes, you get an email notification
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  7. Stop hoping and do something about your score.

    Remember me?

    I did something about my 436 got ITA at 469 after some very hard studying work and completing a program in record time that amazed even the institution.

    Now smilling at my CoPR and VISA and deciding on when to pack my bags.


    Thank you @abhishek_89 for all the predictions.
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  8. Pretentious!!
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  9. Call it that, my CoPR is in my pocket.

    If I was waiting at 436, I will still be waiting.
  10. My score is 441 :( I’m going to have to wait again but nevertheless, I’m glad you got ITA
    Go have a drink or eat pizza or something... :D
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  11. Thanks
  12. The only thing is the tiebreaker, not sure how does that work can anyone explain in detail
  13. Thanks. There was a time not so long ago when 441 was among the safest scores but I’m sure the wait wouldn’t be long for you. Soon we will be celebrating together.
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  14. Yes, you're fine if you have a letter of acceptance into the pool before the time of the draw. If for some technical error you don't receive an invite in 24 hours, you can write to CIC and they will sort it out for you. I have read about such things in the past.
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  15. Look at the tiebreaker posted along with the invitation round. Was your profile submitted and accepted into the pool before this time? If so, and you have the cutoff score, you should receive an ITA.

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