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Quit School and Worked Full Time

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Yynnco, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. This is not about me, but about someone I used to work with.

    We used to work together at a restaurant/company who I know cuts corners and break rules regarding work visas (have known employees get interviewed by immigrations multiple times for errors the head office made on their visa applications). I left the company due to the sketchy practices.

    She came to Canada on a student visa but attended less than one month of school and then continued to work full time without changing her status to the government. After she worked for the company for two years, they wanted to give her a promotion to management and sponsor her work visa. While in the process of getting her work visa, someone in the head office finally realized that she was in Canada on a student visa while not attending school. They basically schemed and told her to go back to her home country for six months and come back and apply for a work visa.

    She is now back in the country supposedly with the sponsored work visa and back to working for that restaurant/company.

    What I'm wondering is if this is allowed?

    If the government allowed her to re-enter the country should I assume they know about her committing fraud while on her student visa the first time?

    Or is the company doing something illegal?
  2. Probably the company is doing something illegal and they are aware of a loophole or something.

    It could also be that your ex-colleague has slipped through IRCC radar.

    If I were in your shoes I would be reporting the company and your ex-colleague to the IRCC.
  3. Okay, thank you for the response.

    I've been a citizen since the seventh grade so I've never really understood much about how visas work (privilege and somewhat ignorant - I know). I wasn't sure if this was actually a big deal or something worth reporting.
  4. Probably worth reporting, sadly there are plenty of cases where people go under the radar, and its not easy to track them. This isn't limited to Canada, this happens in many other countries as well.

    As someone who has to go through the hoops of getting a visa, this is probably more infuriating as this makes it harder for legitimate people to get permits when they inevitably tightens the measures.
  5. Don't be a snitch! If she gets a work permit good for her.
  6. It's more about the company. Immigration already comes by every so often because they've been known to falsify records. I had someone within the company that I was very close with who was deported because head office lied on a form they filed but told that person everything would be fine. The CEO was also sued for withholding/skimming tips from people at many of his store locations. They continue to break rules and laws and I'm going to have to side with selvakk and report the company.

    If this girl goes down as an example I honestly would not feel like a bad person considering many of the servers we worked with on valid Student Visas told her what she was doing was wrong, and she ignored all of them and said she it didn't matter to her.

    I have many friends waiting to hear back about their Post Grad Work Permits or if they will be getting PR. They're all going to the proper channels and waiting patiently and anxiously. As selvakk also said, people like her and this company is going to make it harder for people coming here legitimately.
  7. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/protect-fraud/report-fraud.html

    What information are we looking for?
    We are interested in suspicious activities that could occur before persons and/or goods reach Canada, at the border itself, or after persons and/or goods have entered Canada.

    These are examples of some suspicious activities we are interested in:
    • Drug smuggling
    • Contraband tobacco
    • Child pornography and exploitation
    • Commercial trade fraud
    • Persons who may pose a security risk
    • Persons involved in war crimes
    • Persons who have overstayed their status in Canada or who are working or studying in Canada without authorization
    • Person wanted on an immigration warrant
    • Firearms and weapons smuggling
    • Currency smuggling
    • Counter-proliferation
    • Infractions related to food, plant and animals products
    • Persons involved in organized crime or serious criminality
    • Persons involved in human smuggling or trafficking
    • Persons who have entered Canada based on misrepresentation, and/or made a false declaration or document fraud
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  8. Shouldnt the school reported her, and CIC should have cancelled her SP? Then wouldnt she have violated her SP?.Just assuming the school must comply with immigration as they make most of their money through international students. So they must take attendance. and report missing students
    This should have been on her file when she came back to Canada
    Wouldnt she need a LMIA. i dont know of any jobs in a restaurant that a PR or CC cant fill

    Yes some people do slip through the cracks. thats why CIC has annoymus tip line
    The number is 1-888-502-9060
    if they approve someone even years later they can send person home if it was through fraud
  9. The restaurant is usually 50% people on Working Holiday visas and every once in a while they offer a management position with sponsorship to the people that want to stay in Canada.

    From my understanding, she had to pay for a full year's tuition before being allowed to receive her Student Visa in the first place. That why she would tell people it didn't matter that she didn't actually go to school, because it was all paid for anyway (I really don't understand her reasoning here).

    I don't know why her dropping out wasn't reported or how she was hired to work full time in the first place (again - restaurant is SUPER sketchy and sometimes pay people cash if their visa expired and they changed to a Visitors visa).

    Yeah, after reading other responses, I think I will call tomorrow morning.
  10. To be fair with other PGWP who all going through the proper process, and to teach the one who breaking IRCC law to learn their lesson to abide by the law, you need to report!
  11. Snitching is a child telling the parents that their sibling broke curfew. Reporting a person for violating immigration law by working illegally is not snitching.

    Does your reasoning apply to everyone who breaks the law or is it just that you don't consider Canadian immigration law to be "real" law?
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